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Quantum wellness accesses the quantum field which, whether we are aware of it or not, is something we are all connected to. Just as the human body has these invisible meridians that  run along the body, so does our planet. The quantum field is its own meridian system, an invisible matrix grid, that is interwoven throughout our entire world. The quantum realm exists in no time, no space or physical reality, yet we are an integral part of it as physical beings. I picture us like walking acupuncture points along the Earth, acting as micro-processors along these grids. We collect, store, discard and assimilate information on a daily basis. 

What we think, feel and believe has an enormous impact upon, not only ourselves and those around us, but through the entire collective. Imagine what happens when you drop a stone into a pond. Each thought, choice, action, reaction and inaction has a rippling effect upon the consciousness of this grid. Ultimately we are all one. We are all connected and when we work on ourselves in a positive manner internally it has a positive impact upon the collective.

For some it is hard to fathom the quantum realm. Living in a 3D reality where we can use all of our commonly accepted senses to know what we are experiencing is real. Allopathic medicine, as one main generally accepted form of healthcare, operates in the 3D realm. It is very physical, tangible and can be easily measured. 

We go to a doctor for xyz ailment, they spend 5-10 minutes with us asking a few questions, do a physical exam, maybe send us out for some tests and lab work, gather that data and then give us a diagnosis followed up with a prescription. We go home, take that prescription. Sometimes our ailments go away and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the medicine helps for a short while but then the effect wanes off over time. There are so many variables to healing and this is only one example I give to offer a comparison to quantum wellness.

The way I personally work with Quantum Wellness is by deepening my own self development practices through the Christ Consciousness Grid. The Christ Consciousness Grid exists in a realm of non-duality. It is a heart-centered grid matrix that envelops our planet. It has been claimed to have been building over the past 13,200 years to usher in the energy of unity after eons of separation and duality. The vibration of love is its currency. This grid was completed during the precession of the equinoxes on December 21st, 2012.

My main self-development practice is meditation. I have held a regular meditation practice since 2004 when I entered into the Holistic Health Field. Meditation has helped me to access the quantum realm directly on a more intimate level and deepen my connection with the Creator/God/Source.

In 2021 I had a deepening of my spiritual journey during one of my meditations. I had begun to study more about Jesus and his life, his teachings and his legacy for humanity. I was taking in all I could learn about him and felt such a deep connection to wanting to be a healer the way he was and still is. During this specific meditation I felt the presence of Jesus come to me and he kissed the top of my head. It was such a heart-opening, beautiful moment that I still can’t quite put into words. Tears of joy came to my eyes. I felt so peaceful, loved and anointed with the ability to carry on his work.

Since this experience I have felt and seen its impact on both myself and others whom I have worked with. Through breath work, meditation, visualization, intention and prayer, I am able to access this divine energetic field, connect my higher self to my patient’s higher self and assist them with their health and wellbeing remotely. 

Is Quantum Wellness 100% successful? Mostly, yes, however sometimes it does not work for reasons not known to me. Perhaps it is not the right time for this particular healing to occur. Perhaps more lessons need to be learned from the person’s illness or malady, God has his own plans – but I continue to hold space for each individual who comes to me so that they may return to their most vibrant selves. This action has a positive effect outwards and allows us to be a blessing to others. When we feel better we can accomplish more, our temperaments improve and we are able to help those around us.

In addition to utilizing the quantum realm for healing I  incorporate other natural, easy to implement holistic therapies and modalities to assist the body in healing because, after all, we do live in a 3D world, have these 3D avatar bodies, and working with what is tangibly around us can certainly make an impact on our health as well.

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