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Go from a life of uncertainty and frustration and move into a life of more clarity and positive alignment without the mental exhaustion of having to figure things out on your own.

Working with Mindy will align your life towards its ultimate potential. No matter where you currently find yourself; feeling stuck, uncertain, blocked, self-sabotage, thoughts of unworthiness, struggling with health challenges, limited mindsets or beliefs, Mindy will help to uncover the root cause of what is truly hindering you, shine a light on it, and then through quantum energetic work through the Christ Consciousness field, she will clear these blocks, imbalances and negative attachments that don’t serve you and your purpose for being here in this lifetime.

This powerful work is like a reset button for individuals who are ready to catapult their lives from every aspect. Are you ready to launch?

Mindy is a Holistic Health and Quantum Attunement Practitioner. She has spent decades studying, integrating and fine-tuning her craft of holistic health and spiritual development so that she may be of service to help raise the consciousness, health and vibration of her fellow man. Her vision is to create unity and peace on earth for all humanity so that we may best serve one another in this incarnation and beyond.

Regular Meditation Practice

Ready to commit to a positive shift in your life?

A Quantum Energy Attunement Session with Mindy covers A LOT of ground!

Quantum Energy Attunement Session $333

  • Deep dive into your current situation 
  • Discussion of your challenges, blocks, blindspots and limiting beliefs 
  • Investigation into the root cause of your situation
  • Use of charts and divination tools to gain deeper understanding 
  • Greater clarity on your goals, dreams and desires  
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine organ system balancing 
  • Chakra attunement 
  • Negative entity removal 
  • Clearing of negative ancestral karmic patterns 
  • Further messages and recommendations from your higher self and spirit guides
  • Further recommendations and guidance from Mindy

Quantum Energy Attunement Sessions begin with a scheduled 30 minute call so that discussion of your current situation, challenges and goals can be fully communicated and understood. After the call, Mindy will go into a deep meditation to help her connect to you, your higher self, your angels and spirit guides – to gain access to balancing you fully. She uses divination tools and charts to help assist her with your attunement while working through the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Each session takes approximately 2-3 hours of her time and energy to complete. From there she will record a video that will be emailed to you so that you can see what came through during your session and what was worked on to help you align to your fullest potential.

If further sessions are needed, a series of 4 can be purchased after the initial service for *$1,100. This price includes the initial session at $333, giving you a $232 savings!

*Series needs to be purchased within two weeks of initial attunement session in order to receive discount and must be performed within 4 months after purchase. No refunds after purchase.*

Holistic Health Strategies Session - $111

    Mindy can put together comprehensive, holistic strategies to assist you in alchemizing current health challenges.
  • Acupressure protocols 
  • Qi Gong Meditation 
  • Food Therapy Strategies 
  • Sound Therapy Recommendations 
  • Acupressure protocols 
  • *Herbal formula/s 
  • *Supplements 
  • **Essential Oils 
  • **Holistic Tools 
  • **Book Recommendations 

*For California residents only. For Holistic Health Strategies, Mindy will send you an in depth intake form to fill out and return to her. A scheduled 30 minute call will help her to get hone in further on your health situation and allow her to get a better intuitive sense of what would be the best course of action for your unique needs. From there, Mindy will investigate further to come up with a customized treatment plan and recommendations which will be e-mailed to you.

**Cost of some of these recommendations are separate from the price of the session and will be explained throughly via e-mail. Prices on these recommendations vary based on what is needed and will be given to the client for them to determine what to integrate into their life to help them reach their health outcome goals.

30 Min. Tarot Reading Session - $55

Intuitive readings are for those who find themselves at a crossroads in life, in need of guidance, clarity or confirmation on a particular life decision. In this 30 minute session, Mindy will deep dive into your current circumstances, connecting with your energy, higher self and guides through the use of her abilities and divination tools. It is Mindy’s intention upon closing each session that you feel more empowered and clear on your personal journey. Please know that individual results may vary and answers are not 100% set in stone and guaranteed. Life is ever changing and fluid, based on the decisions and actions we each choose for ourselves.

No refunds. Serious inquiries ONLY.

Who These Sessions Are For

  • Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to get out of perpetual negative loops.
  • People who value their sovereign power of healing and evolving over giving it away to someone else to fix it for them.
  • Those ready and willing to put in the work that is needed on their end to improve their life.
  • Those who are seeking or are ready to evolve and align with their divine life blueprint.
  • Those ready to take their lives to the next level.

Elevate Your Life

Full payment is required to reserve your appointment. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, otherwise the full payment will be processed. No refunds given after consultations.

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